Show off your favorite Warframe and Fashion Frame with the new Captura feature. Use a vast array of tools to compose the perfect shot. Choose your favorite location, spawn in enemies, slow down or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options.

Captura is an image capture and editing tool that allows players to manipulate and compose scenarios for screenshots.

To access it, go to your Warframe in arsenal, and click on appearance, the Studio Option will be on the bottom of your screen.



The Menu allows the player to Tilt (E  / Q ) the current scene, Ascend and Descend(Space , LShift ) the camera along its vertical axis, and open the Advanced Menu(X ).

Advanced Features

The Advanced Menu gives the player the options of settings various aspects of the scene such as:

  • Filters
Choose between at least 8 different filters that alter the atmosphere of the image.
  • DOF
Change the Depth of Field to draw more focus to an element of the image.
  • FOV
Extend the Field of View to show the entire landscape, or close in on an element for a portrait.
  • Grain
Add graininess to the image.
  • Exposure
Increase the exposure to bring more light to the image, or decrease it to make it darker.
  • Saturation
Saturating the image will add more vibrancy to the colors, likewise, desaturating will set the image closer to gray-tone.
  • Scene
Choose between 14 different scenes.

The player may also use features such as the 3 Light Setup.